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Duck eggs are larger than chicken eggs, and richer and more nutritious. The yolk is larger in proportion to the size of the white, which gives higher protein and fat content, including a much higher proportion of Omega-3 fatty acids. They are wonderful served in all the ways you would serve chicken eggs (they taste exactly like chicken eggs, only more so!). They are particularly good for baking. In addition, some people who are allergic to chicken eggs can tolerate duck eggs much better (but please check with your doctor before trying this).

Our flock of 25 Welsh Harlequin ducks ranges freely over our 2 1/2 acres, helping us control slugs and ticks, keeping some of the weeds trimmed, and getting rid of leftover greens for us. They also get as much as they want of the best quality organic poultry feed available.

We welcome visitors at our farm by appointment

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